Hans Bellmer, Unica Tied, 1959
(via amalgammaray)

ca. 1870-90s, [carte de visite portrait of two acrobat musicians with violin and horn]
via Christopher Wahren Fine Photographs

"The Antarctic icefish live in water colder than freezing — 2 degrees below zero Centigrade. 
Ocean water doesn’t freeze at this temperature because it’s full of salt. The blood of the icefish is less salty than seawater; instead, it keeps itself from freezing by using ice proteins, sometimes called antifreeze proteins, that attach to ice crystals forming in the blood stream.
Once the ice crystals are coated with antifreeze protein, they can’t stick together, so they don’t grow. The icefish of the Antarctic have used this adaptation to become very successful — making up 95% of the fish biomass around Antarctica.
Photo: Uwe Kils”
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happy birthday, sir

Vitruvian Shiva

Seydou Keïta

When you recognize that there is a voice in your head that pretends to be you
and never stops speaking,
you are awakening out of your unconscious identification
with the stream of thinking.
When you notice that voice,
you realize that who you are is not the voice – the thinker –
but the one who is aware of it.
Knowing yourself as the awareness behind the voice is freedom.

— Eckhart Tolle (via oceanandwave)