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Gaito Gazdanov (1903-1971) was an Ossetian émigré writer and in my opinion one of the most underrated figures in literary history. Despite being one of the most celebrated Ossetian writers in history, Gazdanov was relatively obscure during his life time and still is today. He made his living as a factory worker and taxi driver in Paris where he hosted radio programs on Russian Literature under the pseudonym  Georgi Cherkasov. The first English translations of his novels began to appear in the 1950s but Gazdanov never achieved much commercial success in his lifetime. His works were banned in the USSR due to Gazdanov fighting for the White Army during the Russian civil war and being a large Bolshevik opponent. It wasn’t until the 1990s that Gazdanov received his rightful place in Russian literary history. 

A priest once quoted to me the Roman saying that a religion is dead when the priests laugh at each other across the altar. I always laugh at the altar, be it Christian, Hindu, or Buddhist, because real religion is the transformation of anxiety into laughter.

— Alan Watts (via thecalminside)

Otto Greiner - Die Feilbietung (Devil Showing Woman to the People)
One of my favorites!
Lithograph, 1898, in pencil monogrammed O.Gr. and inscribed Nr. 35
from the print cycle Vom Weib
Provenance: ex coll. Walter Bareiss, New York